Thursday 14 July 2011

Find the ford (3)

Barely had the Prussian cavalry crossed the ford and deployed when they were charged by the Austrians .

They lost the melee with General D'Laye being a casualty and were forced to retire .

The second regiment of Prussian cavalry cross the stream (Cuirassier regt. Von Schonaich-Carolath) not sure if this was a wise move - the dragoons can be seen retiring in bottom of picture.

Elsewhere on the battle field the remaining Prussian infantry move up - 2nd Batt. Von Finck followed by Jaeger Battalion Von Shack .

Under the supervision of Comte Fru Fru the regimental gun deploys and opens fire on the enemy cavalry .

 The Prussian cuirassier 1st squadron charge the Austrians and drive them back (lucky dice throws !) but then are caught in the flank by a fresh Austrian regt. and lose the melee.

 Anxiously Comte Fru Fru orders up the infantry to support the cavalry .

Situation at the end of this days play - in the foreground the Austrian infantry move up - impeded by the retiring cavalry , the cavalry melee in the centre , with the Prussian infantry moving up in background . Both side will have to use infantry to decide the battle . As I'm away this weekend it will be next week before a conclusion is reached..........

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  1. Action filled stuff- look forward to conclucions next weekend...