Friday 19 August 2011

First ACW game using 'Bull Run to Gettysburg'

Well not the first , I set up a small 'tester' game to work through the mechanics of the rules . Don't seem to have any problems - the playsheet is poor with several thing missing but I've printed it off and added notes to the back of it. The game is set in Jackson's " Valley " campaign , the Union have to cross the board and exit with half their forces - the Confederates have to prevent this . I diced for the initial set up points (1-5 = right to left flank 6 = reserve) , the Union have both Brigades on, artillery battery in reserve. The Confederates 1 Brigade and artillery battery on 1 Brigade in reserve.

Reserve units will arrive on a dice throw ( 6 on move 1, 5 6 on move 2 etc)

The Union forces move onto the table

Brig.Gen. Shields confers with Col. Sullivan.

Col. J. Burks orders his Brigade forward .

The Hampden Artillery open fire

 First blood to the Confederacy the 13th Indiana takes casualties and halts .

Burks Brigade moves forward to engage the enemy .

'Stonewall' arrives to take command .

Will have to stop at this point and go and paint up some casualty markers . Too be continued ....


  1. Cool report and nice pictures too. Like the cannon blasts.

  2. My faltering attempt at photoshop (think its called that ?)