Tuesday 16 August 2011


Been slowly painting up Spanish Conquistador and Aztecs that I  got from Foundry in one of their 20% off deals . Enjoying painting them , but they are slow going - especially the Aztecs ! . But what rules to use ? , think I have decided on a Sword And The Flame variant .

The Perruzza brothers Josef and Pedro and command group.

Aztec General Pic n Mixc

The Conquistadors move down the road looking for gold .

Aztec Eagle Knights await them

The Aztecs prepare to spring an ambush on the invaders.

In the village Aztec merchants prepare to set off on their travels .  I will post more photos as the battle unfolds. The houses are card ones stuck onto MDF  bases and I think look quite good , having had bad experences with card models in the past.


  1. tremendous and atmospheric - excellent work!

  2. Very good report.
    What is a rule you play?
    Thank you very much

    1. I have been using a variant of 'The Sword And The Flame' Colonial rules .