Saturday 27 August 2011

Perry Plastic Zouaves

 Continuing with my ACW frenzy, I  bought a box of Perry plastic Zouaves , I hope to get 2 regiments out of the one box . Annoyingly it comes with 42 figures but only 2 command figures , luckily I  have a few spare plastic Officer figures from the other Perry plastic  ACW to make up the command for the second unit . It took about only 1 hour to clean them and glue them together , I based them on pennies to add weight and to help handling them when painting . I then sprayed them with brown Tamiya paint.  

Got 4 of them painted last night , uniform is of the 5th New York Regiment. They paint up quite quickly as the detail is a lot crisper than the original plastic Perry ACW , the only reserve I have is that the rifle barrels and bayonets are very fine and if your not careful these will break easily I think .

Will keep on painting these up and post photos when I've got the entire regiment done.

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  1. They look very nice. Looking forward to see the regiment completed. Cheers, Michael