Friday 5 August 2011

Playmobil Roman Arena

Continuing with my Gladiator theme, I dug out this Playmobil Roman Arena I bought from a Car Boot Sale about 3 years ago . OMG  I had forgotten how BIG  it was, about 70cm across the inner !!! .Truly  a Circus Maximus ! . Think I got it for a few quid and have just checked on EBay and they seem to be priced from the reasonable to the extreme. Very impressed by it , didn't look at it to hard when I first purchased it .

A view through the gates into the Arena

Some of my Gladiators - a mixture of WestWind and Crusader

Have started reading the rules and they seem simple enough - to simple in one to one combat maybe but will work well for bigger battles and using animals and so on . Will have to give them a try before finally deciding .


  1. Better than a biscuit tin any day...

  2. Indeed, far better than a biscuit tin. That works superbly, good find and great use.

  3. Awesome , im on the hunt for one of these myself.