Tuesday 1 November 2011

FOW Objective Markers

One of the more important ingredients of the scenarios of FOW  is the objective marker.

These are some I got from Spanish firm http://www.escenografia-epsilon.com/ 

Whilst the very prominent Army Badge markings may not be to everyone's tastes, I find them cute. A game is planned against my wargaming colleague 'A' - who is describing himself as my FOW 'Guru' ! -SIGH ! . 


  1. Can you tell me how the new acw rules you are using deal with dismounted cavalry- basing,unit size etc
    many thanks

  2. Must admit I've not had any dealings with cavalry so far - although I have a box of Perry plastic ones . Base size mounted = 50mm x 50mm , dismounted 40mm x 40mm . 2 figures on both bases . Cavalry Regiment 6 bases ie 12 figures . When unit dismounts replace number of stands with same number dismounted , one of them placed at rear of formation as horseholders . - hope this helps, Tony