Tuesday 15 November 2011

FOW Game

Had the long expected FOW  game last night , not peraphs the most typical of games as we kept stopping to look up rules and illustrate points of play .

The initial set up . My Italians on the right 'A's British on the left . My motorcycle platoon makes a flank recce (they soon retired under fire from the British armoured cars)

My mortar platoon and the retiring motorcycles . 'A's motor platoon in the centrer comes under fire and I try to get my infantry and tankettes past him to the objectives.

The British A/C come under fire and 1 'bails out' .

 I nearly made it ! - BUT  my infantry on the right become pinned down and my tankettes took a hit each from Boyes anti tank rifles ,' bailed out ' and failed their moral test and were lost ! . The avaiable time having run out we called a halt and looked at the victory conditions- nobody got their objectives - but 'A' won on points because he destroyed my Tankettes . Good game , have to go back to reading the rules again but can't wait to play again.

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