Monday 7 May 2012

British Tank Company ( Early Desert )

Been playing lots of  FOW  lately within our group of gamers and this has inspired me to finish off my British tank unit.

It is made up of  A10 Cruiser Mark IIAs and a couple of A9s for the HQ .

Organised into 3 platoons each of 3 tanks and a HQ  of 2 tanks .

Company commanders A9, rather antiquated - but very cute I think with the two MG turrets .


  1. They look very nice. Are they the Battlefront A9's and A10's? And how did you paint the camo?

  2. Hi Ben- yes they are the Battlefront models, did the 'Caunter' camo freehand - looked at lots of photos I Googled of various tanks/vehicles to get the basic layout of the colours . There seems to be a bit of disagreement on the actual colours so in the end I went for the scheme used in the 'Hellfire and Back' book.

  3. Excellent work, well done Sir!