Monday 14 May 2012

Muskets & Tomahawks .

One of my purchases from Salute this year was 'Muskets & Tomahawks'  written by the people that brought you 'Saga' Dark Age skirmish rules. I have been trying out various FIW  rules over the years having painted up quite a few Redoubt 28mm figures but none of them grabbed my imagination . These are a card driven set , which I like as they are easy to play solo and stop mid-game and pick up and start again later. They use D6 and seem quite easy to learn , one of the interesting thing I like is a scenario generator ( I'm rubbish at thinking up scenarios) which gives objectives for both side and you can add sub-plots and random events to further spice up the game.

This is my sample 200 points British force which is made up of 3 groups of 5 Rangers plus a Officer . They count as Irregulars and are Elite .

The Indian opponents 4 groups of 6 plus a Leader , they are classed as - no surprise- Indian and are savage  (figures are mostly Redoubt)

The battlefield for 200 points per side - the smallest game - is a 2'x2' table . The small black cat is optional . The scenario was diced for , the Rangers got 'scout' so they have to cross into each table quarter and back off the table . The Indians got 'raid' , they have to burn the settlement down . As this was my first game I decided not to have sub-plots . The card deck is made up for this game of 4 Indian cards , 4 Irregular (Ranger) cards and 2 'forward boys' cards (these give officers extra moves) Having got this all sorted - and the cat removed the game can start. (Sheba the cat has a nasty habit of trying to chew the tops of model conifer trees so has to be closely supervised in the gaming room)    Too be continued....... 


  1. Another period that I'm finding it very difficult to resist, especially given some of the wonderful miniatures out there. To hear that there is a clever little set of skirmish rules is going to make the job just that little bit harder! ;)

  2. I just jumped into this game and I am loving it. I especially like the way the objectives are established and the fact that both sides commanders can have "sub-plots." makes for a great game with friends as we reenact the events with a cold beer after.

    Here is my Blog on it.