Sunday 13 May 2012

French Napoleonic Horse Artillery

Having painted nothing but 15mm FOW vehicles for the last week or two I decided to have a change and do some more from the pile of lead that hides under my wargaming table .

Sorry for the poor lighting on these photos , I normaly photograph miniatures in the bathroom (!?) and my wife was having a shower so I was banned from using it .(trial and error has lead me to the belief that our bathroom has the best lighting conditions in the house !)

These figures are some of the Foundry figures I got in one of their deal about two years ago ( Foundrys prices have rocketed since then - so any more will have to be got off EBay) . They just need a coat of varnish to finish them . The bases are by Warbases.

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  1. Very nicely done! Sometimes a change in subject is as good as a rest.