Thursday 17 May 2012

Muskets & Tomahawks - The Game.

The Indians set up - they have to burn the log cabins to win.

The Indian Chief - Bluejacket (guess why ?)

The Rangers set up - they have to move into each table quarter and the exit the board to win.

The British leader Captain Sharpe.

The opposing forces move forward .

The Rangers spot the Indians across the open ground .

The Indians sneak up through the woods - their moral is better in cover and they are harder to hit.

They make a dash for the cabins.

A fire fight breaks out- rather inconclusive due to range and cover.

The forces clash and the Rangers are slaughters- rolled VERY  poor dice ! and the Indians start to try and set fire to the buildings.

Captain Sharpe is killed .

The Indian leader Bluejacket is sniped !.

Having set fire to the cabins the Indians are driven back by musket fire.

However at the crucial moment the British morale card turns up and they fail it and recoil off the table - the Indians win !. At times a close game but the Rangers losing the melee and their officer was the beginning of the end - having taken 50% casualties the British morale card is added to the deck and when drawn the remaining groups have to take a morale test at a minus . Luckily the Indians managed to set fire to the buildings and complete their mission before their mounting casualties caused a problem. I enjoyed the game and learnt a lot - be more careful with the Rangers , they are good but they are not many of them so you have to be cautious with them . The Indians were lucky in this game and their moral is easily broken with casualties and in the open . Going to play another  game using sub plots which will add another twist to the game.



  1. Looks great all round; certainly a high casualty rate!

  2. Yes high casualties but that may be down to my inexperiance

  3. Great battle report. I posted my first one for my first M&T game here.

  4. Nice write up Mosstrooper, looks bit bloody but that is not all bad ;-) I'm certainly thinking about these rules for European theatre skirmish, with a touch of imagination fantasy, ie sub creatures for natives and warriors. Do you think it could be worked on?

    Do you think you could do a write up with your impression of the rules for my 18C forum? Would really appreciate your thoughts